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Love Our Lurkers... the late edition!

So I was late finding "Love my lurkers day" and so decided not to do it... but kitten said I should do it anyway... so I am.

Just like any other blogger... I love to hear from my readers. It's nice to know what people think of what I write and such. In fact... comments have always encouraged me to write more.. especially in the times I feel a slump in how much I've blogged.

So... in some ways.. my readers, you, are part of my inspiration.

With that said... I would really love to hear from any one that reads... or have just found my blog and let me know what you think... or even just say hi. I would love either.

Thanks for reading!


I'm a lurker! I read your posts regularly, love em. Thanks for writing! :)




I know who you are *wink* I'm glad you like- but you already knew that.



Happy LOL day! Glad you decided to participate. Wonderful blog you have here!



I'm so glad you did this! :-D

I read your blog every day, and while I have commented here before, I still wanted to "delurk". So *hugs* and thanks for writing!



Thanks for giving me the go ahead.. I soo wouldn't have other wise. :-)


Thanks for the compliment :-)


Sierra--absolutely you should do it anyway!
And I should leave a comment, belated though it is!
Happy LOL Day!

Dr. Ken,
Spanking Minnesota


Dr. Ken-
Your name makes me giggle a bit, not sure why. But... better late than never :-)