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I had just finished my shower... I got off and dried off then proceeded to do my nightly grooming ritual. After I finished I headed to the door and opened it.. only to be surprised by Ben. I didn't have much time to think as he grabbed my hair and pushed me to my knees.

He was already fully erect which made me very happy to say the least. He shoved his cock into my mouth which I eagerly started to suck. I moved my lips up and down on his shaft, taking him in as deep as I could. His hips were meeting my movements with such vigor it was hard not to choke.

We did this for a bit before he finally pulled away and "walked" me into our bedroom by my hair. His hand never left my head as he had me get to my feet and lean over the bed. The first lash of the flogger hit my somewhat damp skin hard making my whole body tense. I cried out.... wishing that I had got a warm up but could see it was something I would not get.

Each hit was like lightening through my body. It seems to me that since our play has been spread out lately, my tolerance to pain has diminished some.. which makes me kind of sad. So who is to say he was hitting harder? Maybe it's just me and my lowered threshold.

I kept crying out... over and over.. more in pain than in pleasure.. even if I was enjoying immensely. Minutes passed and my back.. shoulders... sides.. ass.. and thighs were being assaulted. I could feel spots he hit over and over... the pain was intense... at times barely to where I could handle it.

During his onslaught, he would ram into me with deep furious thrusts that took my mind off the sting of my skin.... which made it so much easier. Until. He pulled away and began to batter me again.

Finally some relief came.... and onto my knees I went again. I sucked vigorously as he ordered me to rub my clit and cum. I made quick, small circular strokes on my clit was I swallowed his cock in my mouth... feeling the orgasm grow inside of me. His words flowed out of his mouth like velvet... "Cum. Cum now." That was all it took... my body shook with pleasure.

Back on the bed he began to flog my back again and tease my cunt with his dick. My fingers dug into the bed and gripped at the sheets. Over and over he hit me with an intensity that had me wrapped up in little knots... of course in a good way.

Soon we got to a point to where it was too much... I squinted my eyes and begged to have some relief.. to have a moment.. a break to soothe my burning flesh. I got my wish.... back on the floor I went.

I sucked him in to the back of my throat this time... he started to face fuck me at a steady pace. Again he ordered me to rub my clit. I did so.. then was pulled off his cock. He pulled me back by my hair, arching my back. He started hitting my left tit.. over and over...the pain was terrible.

"Cum for me. I want you to look in my eyes and cum"

And so I did... I rubbed feverously till I came again.... making eye contact the whole time. I felt so vulnerable.. knowing he could see into my soul at that very moment. That he could prbably see what was in my head and heart... the lust that was there for him.

I was pulled to my feet and pushed back across the bed. I continued rubbing my clit as he started to flog me again. I was very sensitive by then... and could feel the overwhelming pleasure growing between my legs again. I tried to stop... to keep it from happening... but it was too late. My body convulsed again.. a powerful orgasm ripping through me.

"Did you just cum without my permission", he asked. I answered with a yes.

"I think you need to have your pussy whipped for that. Two times. Don't you think?". Again, I said yes.

So, I climbed onto the bed laying back spread eagle. He ran the flogger gently over my pussy lips... making my body tremble with nervous anticipation. When it came... the shock wave through me was intense to say the least. It rippled from my cunt to every extremety.

I forced myself not to completely close my legs.... as he said to open them up. Again, he teased me.... gently running the leather over my heated skin. When it hit again... I cried out... feeling the throbbing left behind..... and before I knew it... again painful hit.

I breathed deeply.. trying to calm myself and somehow found myself on my knees again. As I sucked this time... he talked.

"You have a choice. I can cum in your mouth. Or. I can cum in your ass.", Ben purred.

I pulled away just long enough to utter the words, "in my ass". He seemed to like this idea very much and was very condescending about it. After a few more pumps into my willing throat... he told me to get the lube and lube up my ass for him.

I did so.. making sure to be generous in the amount used.... trying to keep from being in too much pain. Once I was ready for him... I laid across the bed with my ass in the air. I breathed slowly... trying to push out any tenseness I had in my muscles.

When the tip of his cock touched my ass... it was so hard not to tense... but I kept breathing. He pushed in slowly... being gentle.. but forceful. Slowly he inched his way in till he was almost all the way in... and I felt panic wash over me as he began to slide in and out.

My breathing quickened and pain shot through me.. and not the good pain. He stopped.. telling me to calm down and breathe. I listened to his words and worked through it... keeping my arm wrapped around my waist to calm myself.

When I got it under control again he began fucking my ass again. He told me to rub my clit... and I did.. slowly... trying to keep out any bad thoughts of pain. His pace quickened.. and it started to feel better. He ran the flogger over my back as he did this.... hitting me gently.... I'm sure to keep from making me tense.

Before long I was fully into it.. enjoying every inch of his cock in my ass. He was really pounding away at me when I cried out for him to cum inside of me. The words put me over the edge and I begged to cum as well.... over and over till he heard me.

Ben told me to cum... just as he spilled his seed into my waiting ass.... to say that it was good... is an understatement.