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A is for.....

Ive decided to try something new... I'm not really sure what direction it will take... but I'll start here. I'm going to go through the alphabet.... with pictures. I'm not going to put restrictions on the pictures... so they quite possibly will be all over the board.

Our pets are very much a part of our family.... like more kids.. only smaller and furry :-) We have three cats.. each with their own personality.

This is Piggy. He is our oldest at eight years old and our first. Piggy was Ben's before we got together. When we moved in together... he brought Piggy with him. He is quite possibly the sweetest cat ever. He sleeps with us each night.. usually at my feet. He's very much a cat of habit... very much like Ben and I. He loves turkey deli meat and can recognize the sound of the plastic baggy from the other room. He also loves his belly rubbed and would be quite happy to just let you do that all day long. We call him by all sorts of names... Piggers... Buddy... Buckeroo... its kinda silly.

This is Brandi... she is the second oldest at six years old. We got her from the humane society less than a year after we moved in together. We felt bad that Piggy was all alone during the day.. and decided to get him a friend. We fell in love with her.. she's very much a talker. When we brought her home...she hated Piggy... but didn't have it in our hearts to take her back. She had already been at the shelter for a year... she needed a home. We think she was abused in her previous home.. she's very flighty- even after all this time we've had her. She's better now... but still not over it. I feel bad for her. We've nicknamed her Girl.. as we never felt that Brandi really fit her.
This is Sammie and our youngest at just at two years old. We got her right after we returned home for our first anniversary trip in Vegas. We got her for the same reason we got Brandi... a friend for Piggy. This time we decided a kitten was the way to go. We also got her from the humane society. She was only like six weeks old and fit in the palm of our hands. She earned the nickname Wee Lil because of that... along with a dozen other nicknames. We almost never call her Sammie anymore. Shes full of energy... very much a kitten still. She will run full board through the house and antagonize the other two cats.

So that's our furry babies... our family wouldn't be complete without them.


aww your kitties are pretty :)



Thanks! I think so too... but Im partial...