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lesson learned

We were laying in bed... blissfully enjoying the silence and laying next to one another. Ben rolled over on this side facing me and started running his hands over my stomach. It wasn't a comforting rub.. more of a sexually charged rub. Every inch of my body began to tingle.

I touched his skin softly.. gently caressing the inside of his hips feeling his hardness grow against my leg. I love that build up... that feeling.

His hands roamed till they reached my nipple and tugged on them. A sigh escaped my lips. His grip grew harder and harder as the seconds ticked by almost to the point that I could no longer handle it. The pain was intense, yet I was basking in the pleasure of it.

Finally he released it leaving me panting. I reached for his cock and started stroking it feeling how thick and hard it was. His hips moved with the slow rhythm of my hand. I felt his hand leave my skin and grab my hand. He guided it to my pussy and told me to rub my clit. I, of course, did as I was told.

From there his hand moved up to my face using his fingers to feel every crevice of it. Slowly he draped his hands over my mouth and as he did this I sucked in some air knowing what was coming.

He clamped his hands over my mouth and nose and whispered to me to hold it. I calmed my body in hopes of holding my breath for a while but I wasn't ready for it yet. I started to squirm under his hand and pulled back gasping for air.

I still continued to rub my clit as told and recomposed myself. He again covered my face and told me to hold it longer. I did my best and held it a bit longer. Again, I freed myself and gasped for air. He did this several more times.... restricting my breath.

When he was done toying with me he laced his fingers through my hair and pulled me up some leaving his cock exposed to for my mouth. I readjusted my body... started rubbing my sopping wet pussy, and then took him into my mouth.

From here he took over rubbing my clit and started pounding my face. I was gagging and trying helplessly to breathe. I was fighting his hand to pull myself off.. half wanting to and half not.

Before I knew it... I was laying on my back with his forearm in my neck. I was honestly kind of shocked.

"Don't pull away from me. Are you going to be a good girl now?" he hissed in my face.

I nodded and said yes. He pulled me back up... and went back to his business of fucking. This time he payed extra attention to my clit till I could barely stand it... I was pulling away again... this time with my hips.

Again, I found myself on my back... his forearm more on my neck this time pressing down hard.

"I guess you didn't hear me. I told you not to pull away... do you need to be taught a lesson?" he asked.

I again nodded and said no.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me to him furiously rubbing my clit... I was in overload.. and pulled away again. This time, though... I was on my back but he was full on my throat cutting off my air.

"I guess you do need to be taught a lesson... you should be grinding your cunt on my hand not pulling away", and with that he turned me over and slammed his dick inside of me. He fucked me vigorously with no remorse... to be honest... I loved every minute of it. I could feel his palm digging into the small of my back and his other hand holding my hair using it like a rein.

Once he got his fill... he pulled out and slapped me on the ass as he grabbed my hair again. He climbed off the bed and had me lay on my back with my head hanging over the side of the bed. I open my mouth and he slides in all the way to the hilt.

He instructs me to rub my clit again... that he wants me to cum while I'm sucking his cock. I work my magic... making tiny circles with two fingers. I can feel the orgasm getting close.

"Don't you dare cum with out asking to do so... you better beg me to cum", he said.

Ben reached down and pinched a nipple... till it was finally too much to take. I moved my head and began to plead to be able to cum. I don't know how many times I asked... I came really close to pushing myself over the edge before he told me actually cum. But he finally said yes and the wave of my orgasm consumed my body.

He didn't give me any time to pull myself back together so to speak and was pulling me off the bed before I could even think. He bent me over and slammed his cock back into me. Like before he wasn't going easy on me and fucked me hard. It was only minutes before he was cumming in my pussy.

Ahh the joy of submission. :-)