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playtime is always a fun time

I had yesterday off and was very happy to see Ben when he got home. We are always kind of silly with each other when we first see each other. I wrapped my arms around his neck and barraged him with kisses. He asked if I wanted to take a shower... I was completely up for that.

So we got into the shower and my silliness did not end there. I grabbed one of his nipples in my fingers and asked him if that was an on switch. I smiled sweetly. He just laughed and said he didn't know. I let go and started washing my hair.

My eyes were closed when I felt a tug on one of my nipples. I felt a surge of lust throughout my whole body and let out a tiny sigh. I rested my hand on his chest and opened my eyes... our eyes locked in an intense stare.

"Apparently it is an on switch for something", he said looking down... I giggled.

He grabbed my nipple again and pinched hard. My knees went weak and I started to breathe heavily. He grabbed the other one... intently staring at me as I moaned. I could feel the warmth grow between my legs. The pain shot through my chest... a good pain.

Finally he released them and I almost fell against him. His fingers slide around the back of my head and pulled me to his lips, kissing me ever so passionately. The throbbing in my pussy was almost more than I could bear... I just wanted to feel him inside of me.

Our kiss broke and he pushed me to my knees. I hungrily took his cock in my mouth. He pounded my face making me gag and gasp for air. I loved every minute of it. His fingers were weaved in my hair tug my head to meet his movements.

Ben pulled me back and shoved my face in his balls making me suck them. He stroked his cock with his free hand and then shoved my nose into his groin cutting off my air. When I would run out of air I would struggle to get loose and breathe deep to replenish my air supply.

After this a few times.. he pulled me by my hair to kiss me again. I felt high... completely drunk from it all. He spun me around and pushed me forward. I put my hand out to catch myself just as he smacked my ass.

I felt the head of his dick slide against my ever so wet slit. I drew a breath in... wanting to so badly for him just just glide into me. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and teased my pussy with just the tip.

"Is this what you want?", he asked. I yelled out yes.. almost exasperated. He teased my wet hole still.. and told me too bad. I began to beg... all the while he relentlessly teased me.. making me ache for him. This went on for what seemed forever.

Again he smacked my ass and slammed his cock into me. It felt amazing... just as I knew it would. He pounded me a few times... yanked out, and then left the shower. I turned around just in time to see his face as he closed the curtain. To say I felt like sitting at the bottom of the tub and pouting would be putting it easily. It wasn't fair.

I finished showering and opened the curtain. I reached for my towel but before I could he grabbed my hair and pulled me out... still dripping wet. He shoved my face onto his cock and fucked my face hard. I reached up and cupped his balls while he did so being perfectly still letting him take me.

When he was done.. he again turned and walked away. I didn't move.. not sure what he wanted me to do. Did he want me to follow... to dry off.. to wait like a good girl? After a minute I decided to get up and dry off. I had only halfway done when he came in and said that was good enough.

He pushed me out of the bathroom and into our room. He stopped me in his favorite place to torture me.. the foot of our bed. He shoved me forward again and kicked my legs apart... leaving my pussy and ass exposed to his whim.

On the bed in front of me was some rope... he picked it up and lightly struck my ass. Then again.. and again... gaining strength with each strike. With every contact of the rope... my body would shake and a whimper would escape my lips.

Once again he felt the need to torment my pussy... just sticking the tip in. I begged for him to fuck me... as I moved my hips against him. I begged more... pleading just to feel him satisfy my cunt. Finally he felt I needed it bad enough- with a fist full of my hair... he pounded into me. He dug his thumb into the small of my back... screams echoing in the the room.

It didn't last long, though. He pulled out.. climbed on the bed.. pulling my body to him.

"Suck my cock", he ordered... and so I did. I took him deep in my mouth as I felt the rope slap down on my ass again. "Legs spread".

I spread them quickly and was asked if I was ready. I mumbled yes with a full mouth. I kept sucking as I felt the rope come down on my pussy lips. It hurt... very bad.. but I kept sucking. He repeated it over and over till one hit on the soft folds of my pussy.

I recoiled into a ball.. trying hard not to cry. He sat there... touched my back... waiting for me. To see what I was going to do from there. He stroked my hair as I tried hard to compose myself. Finally I managed to straighten back up and took his cock back in my mouth.

Despite the burn... I was insanely wet. I was hungry for more. I sucked like a mad woman. I wanted him to want me as bad. I wanted him not to be able to resist anymore. And soon I got just that. He pulled out of my mouth and had me turn with my ass in the air.

My pussy glided down on his hard cock and I begin riding it like there was no tomorrow.

"Rub your clit", he barked... and I did. I reached down and began rubbing.. making my pussy muscles contract. And just by doing that he was done for... filling me full of his wonderful cum.