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At what point does...

sex become an addiction? Something you crave at any given time of the day? Something that consumes your every thought? Seriously... when? Because as far back as I can remember just about any time of the day... it is there, looming in the back of my mind or in the front for that matter.

I try not to think of it all the time, I really do. I get so bummed out when we miss a day... and I feel a sense of panic when we hit the two and three day mark. It's just a reality of life that sex everyday is not going to happen. I hate that reality though.

I wouldn't consider my marriage based on sex but it plays a huge role. It's part of how we connect.. its part of what keeps me grounded. It takes away my tension and lets me focus on just us. I know that appears as though that is all I care about, which is very untrue. I enjoy the time on the couch cuddling with Ben... or out to dinner, laughing about something stupid.... or grocery shopping. Just the simple things. They all play a role.

I can't help but feel that sense of funk when I go without sex. It's just who I am. I mean, it's not my fault that I'm so attracted to him... that when I look at him... I melt... my body aches at just a simple glance from him. I just can't help that I want him all the time.... just like a drug.

Hi, my name is Sierra.. and I'm addicted to sex with my husband. I'm addicted to him period. It's been twelve hours since we had sex, and honestly, I want to go in there right now and ravish him.

Somehow, I doubt that I'm alone in this.


I can say that I feel the same way about sex with my Husband. When we miss a day or two.. or gods forbid three.. I go into a funk. I tell Him that He helps keep me mentally balanced when He fucks me. *giggles*


Well I'm glad I'm not alone in that sentiment! Its weird how it works like.. keeping you grounded and stuff.. I love it though.