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the lifestyle

As you can probably tell, most of the blogs I read are ones written by slaves... but for sure all of them have a BDSM vibe to them. I have a deep respect for people who live that lifestyle 24/7. I think it takes a lot of commitment, strength, devotion... and so on. I honestly admire it for many reasons.

The level of communication that goes into this type of relationship is immense... and its such a wonderful thing to see. It's a true testament to how strong it can make a bond. It takes a lot to be open and honest... completely and I think it's no small task at all. I know personally its hard for me to completely open myself to another person.

There are very few things that Ben doesn't know and the things he doesn't know is just because its never been brought up. There is nothing I would not share with him.. even if I have a hard time actually voicing it.

I admire the fact that slaves so freely give themselves... that they have the confidence to give themselves over to another without knowing what the future will hold for them. I know a lot of people feel that its a lack of confidence, but after really reading about people's lives... you can see that it is quite the opposite.

And lets not forget about all the work it takes to make the lifestyle actually work. It takes a lot to keep it up... to make sure you always follow through, on both slave and Master's parts. Just thinking of it makes me drained and I really don't know how they do it everyday. I know that when I come home from work, I just want to relax... and do what I want to do. It doesn't always go that way, but that is what I want.

When slaves get home, they don't have the choice of just relaxing.. its up to the whim of another. I just can't fathom that. Like I said, an incredible amount of work and time. It just boggles my mind at times.

I know for me, being a slave would be hard. I'm not sure that I'm a strong enough person to do it. There are aspects that truly do appeal to me but when I get down to it.. I don't think I could ever consider myself the property of my husband. I see us as equals... and I am sure that would never change. I know I could not give up my will... to give up my choices.

So we will continue our path... living our lives the way we do.. happily so... and I will continue to be happy for those who can make that life work. No matter what kind of relationship you live, its work no matter what if you want to make it last.