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Men.. I tell ya.. they just don't understand sometimes. Ben had went out to get us breakfast. I was reading all my blogs that I frequent when my phone rang.. it was him. I hustled to get it scraping my leg in the process (which didn't make me very happy to begin with). I answered and he told me that his friend, Larry, was coming over to play on the WII.

Yesterday we had went to my sister's for a bbq and swimming. He had a bit to drink, no biggy, but had told me that Larry might come over... I said fine.. lets pick the house up. It wasn't nasty by any means.. just needed to be picked up.. do the few dishes that were in the sink. He didn't feel like it... he was tired and that was cool. I figured we'd have time pick up in the morning.

Back to this morning, we hadn't been up long.. so we had not done anything with the house. I, of course, was annoyed. I had fifteen minutes to make it look presentable. I vacuumed and picked up some stray stuff.. just in time to change clothes and for Ben to get back with breakfast.

He apologized.. and I told him how irritated I was.. that he could have asked Larry to come over in a hour... so we could pick up and eat breakfast. So here I sit... starving cause its just plain rude to eat in front of others. I can SMELL it... and it only makes me that much more upset.

I just don't understand why men don't always get it. I don't see why asking him to come over in a hour would have been so hard or even rude in the least bit. And lets not forget.. my leg hurts. Blah.