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would you rather....

I found this meme on Ms. Inconspicuous's blog... enjoy!

1. Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you dislike/don't get along with?
Alone for sure.. there is no way I could spend forever with someone that drove me nuts on an island... I think I might end up hurting someone.. and it wouldn't be me

2. Would you rather accidentally walk in on your parents having sex or have them walk in on you?
Oh geez. I say... be walked in on.. there is NO way I want to see my parents having sex.. that just is too much for me to handle. BUT to be all honest, I really don't think they have sex that often anymore.

3. Would you rather be snapped by paparazzi during a nipple slip or while exiting a car with out any underwear?
Totally a nipple slip... the chances of the latter are more possible I suppose since I never wear panties... but whatever.. but then again.. I don't wear skirts either...

4. Would you rather not have sex for two years or not be able to use the Internet for two years?
Oh my. Hands down I'd have to give up the internet... and we all know just how hard that would be... I'm quite addicted to it.... *hangs head in shame* But there is no way in hell I could go two years without sex... I go nuts after two days... I'd never make it. I mean, I've not even went two months without sex since I lost my virginity- k.. that sounds bad.

5. Would you rather find true love or 1 million dollars?
As much as I'd love to have a million dollars... it does make one happy... course, it sure does make life with love so much easier... but to choose between the two... love wins every time.

Bonus (as in optional): If you had to choose *one* sexual position for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?
Heh... Doggy... no question about it... I love seeing my husband when we have sex.. but there is something about him taking me from behind that just drives me wild. I could do that forever for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy!


mmmmmmmm....doggy.....oh yeah!