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since I've been gone...

I haven't blogged much lately. I know this.... and feel really guilty about it. It's not that I don't want to blog.. its just that I don't have anything to say... and the things I have to write about.. well.. they are things that are kind of hard to do so.

See a lot is going on with ME. Lots of things that aren't that sexy to hear about... so if you don't want to hear about it... stop here... like I said... not so fun.

About two weeks ago Ben and I were having sex... he had already came and was working on giving me one last orgasm. The build was fantastic and the peak even more so, the only thing was... right after the orgasm ended and I was in the bliss state of coming down... he busts out with "is the string supposed to be this long?!" (to my IUD). I, of course, panicked. I went and checked the string and sure enough it was too long... by like three inches. This was a Tuesday night.

So the next day I set up an appointment for Thursday morning. I went in.... before she checked I asked her if I could possibly be pregnant.. she said yes. So she did the exam, said that the IUD looked like it was in place and snipped the string.

She told me to get a pg test at the lab and set up an ultrasound for the following Monday to double check the placement. I took the pg test and headed back to work. They told me the results would be in within thirty minutes.. I waited a little over a hour.

I called and waited on hold for a while... when they answered... it was negative but that it was diluted... to come in to do a morning test. I said screw that and bought my own test... negative.

On Monday I went to my ultrasound that really, really sucked. The technician couldn't tell me anything. What I could see... LOOKED good but what do I really know?

I waited till Wednesday to call... and left a message. I got a call that afternoon.. saying everything was okay, that the IUD had just settled. They normally like the placement to be at the top of the uterus.. but that it was all right.

That was a HUGE relief.... until Monday night.

Once again... we had sex... and the string... is long again...

So I check it... and guess what.. the fucking thing COMES OUT. Now I can't get it replaced for another month... give me a freaking break!

So yeah.. that is where we are... and it sucks.. and its been trying... and stressful. I hate not having sex.. its driving me nuts. So off to other options besides condoms... cause those suck.

So yeah.. nothing fun and sexy to talk about...


Uh, yeah. I learned that lesson... there is NOTHING sexy about IUD's. I was SO excited to get mine - and kept waiting and waiting for the cramping to go away. It didn't. And then my body reacted by developing cysts. Yay! Not a huge deal, until one ruptured during, shall we say "intense" doggie style? Poor Master was afraid to touch me for weeks after that!! Finally wound up having it removed because every time a cyst burst, I had to go in to make sure the IUD hadn't perforated the uterus. That got old quick - my GYN was spending more time down there than my husband was.
Since I'm all done with babies, I went ahead and got myself spayed, and couldn't be happier.
Hopefully you've come up with a good alternative to condoms for the next month :)
*hugs* - I know how much this sucks!



Wow that really bites... I know that some people have terrible troubles with IUDs.. and others just love them. I do love mine.. very much.. (mine.. ha.. I dont have one right now..). When I do have one.. the parts I loved the most is not having to think about taking anything and no periods... hopefully when I get another all will be like it was before.


Isn't birth control sexy? Ugh. At least your hubby said something! Have you thought about those new inserts they have out that replace the pill? You put them in for like three weeks, and then take it out.. repeat. I can't remember what they are called.



Heck yeah it is!! I cant think of anything else that gets me in the mood....

I really love having an IUD so yeah Im going to stick with it for sure but in the mean time I think we're going to use spermicides. They have these film things you insert 15+ mins before (not convenient I know...) that last for up to three hours. The next month will not be fun but at least we'll be having sex! :-)