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100 things about me

I've seen it done on many blogs.. but honestly I've been too lazy to write one. I have extra time today and really want to write a blog.. so here goes.

1. I love the color blue.. any shade really... I always have and have no idea why I'm so drawn to it.
2. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.. I just don't get to do it enough. There are so many places I want to see before I die... Italy is at the top of that list.
3. I have 2 children from a previous relationship. As of right now we have no plans on having anymore.
4. I'm a cake decorator. I absolutely love it... I've always been fascinated by it but never thought I would one day end up doing it. I hope to one day open my own shop.
5. I live in the Northwest... and LOVE it. I have lived down south and in the northeast and would not pick to live anywhere else.
6. I love the sound of rain falling on the roof and ground. It soothing and erotic at the same time.
7. I love rough sex (like you didn't know that already). It gets me going like no other.
8. I lost my virginity at the age of 15 on Valentine's Day.
9. I don't drink much anymore but have lots of drunken stories to tell.
10. I like to bake and cook.. bake more so than the other. I don't get to do it that often though and end up doing tons of it during the holidays.
11. I have 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters from my Dad and 2 half brothers from my Mom that I never speak to. They are all much older than me... the closest one is 14 years older than me.
12. I am not as active in the BDSM community as I would like. We are working on that.
13. I have never been to a play party and am sure that I would feel very intimidated.
14. My favorite food is chicken alfredo... hence why I love going to the Olive Garden.
15. My birthday is very important to me. I always build them up in my head so I'm generally let down. I try hard not to do this... but I can't help myself.
16. I'm a list maker... I make lists at work.. for grocery shopping... for what needs to get done... for vacations. It helps to see my thought process down on paper... and be able to mark things off.
17. I like to vacuum... and hate to do dishes.
18. Ben introduced me to poker.. and I really enjoy it.. even if I'm not that great at it. I wouldn't stand a chance at a casino.
19. Speaking of which.. I am not a gambler.. I can't see throwing away money that I worked hard for even for the chance I could win more.
20. I started learning to drive when I was 9 years old. My mom taught me to shift the gear shift. I was behind the wheel at 12... we didn't live in a city.
21. Being flogged and spanked grounds me. Sometimes I need it to feel not so bratty.
22. I love taking pictures even if I'm not so good at it. I wish I had an eye for fantastic pictures.
23. I enjoy writing... I used to write poetry in high school.
24. I used to play the flute when I was in school. I was 2nd chair almost the whole time. I was in the marching band too... but probably couldn't play anymore.
25. Stand-up comedy is one of my favorite things to watch and hear. I love laughing.
26. I am not ticklish.. many have tried and failed.
27. My biological father died when I was 20. He and I were not close but I was deeply affected by his passing.
28. Ben is my best friend... I have never trusted a man like I trust him.
29. I'm a bit of a tv show junkie... and because a bit obsessive over them.
30. Music is important to me.. there is always a song that will fit the mood I am in... whether it be a relaxed or partying mood.
31. I have been to two other countries besides the one I live in... Canada and Mexico.
32. Sometimes I think I am a sexaholic... I think of sex most of my day and never pass up the opportunity to have it.
33. Chocolate is awesome... I love being able to go to Godiva and buy truffles... I can't remember the last time I did that.
34. I married Ben in Vegas.... and no... not at a drive thru chapel.... It was one of the best days of my life and would not change a thing about it.
35. I love candles... the way the smell.. the glow that comes from them... the mood they can set.
36. My favorite movie is a chick flick.. but I dont care. Its Legends of the Fall.
37. I cry at movies and tv shows.. I try to hide it.. but Ben always knows when I tear up.
38. My toenails are always painted during the summer.. but never pink.
39. I like to swim and miss being able to do so with our long drawn out winters.
40. I have only truly loved two men in my life.
41. Scrabble is one of my favorite games... I have a dictionary that is devoted just to that game that I call my bible.
42. I love the way my husband smells.... his scent is intoxicating. I have never ever been affected by a man like that and I love it.
43. Kissing is one of the best things ever. I love how it takes on different forms... from the sweet soft pecks to the intense passionate make outs.
44. I am addicted to reading blogs. I don't know what it is about them... but I can't get enough.
45. We have three cats... Piggy, Brandi, and Sammie (aka Lil' Wee). I love them all and each has their own distinct personality.
46. I find that I will find something and be obsessive about it for a while then just completely stop doing it... like darts... or playing the Wii..
47. I love snow but could not live somewhere that it snowed all winter long.
48. I like drinking coffee... but it has to be sweet coffee... and flavored... Starbucks is my friend.
49. I think I have an oral fetish... I love going down.
50. I am close to having my AA in business but will probably never finish it.
51. I am a lurker more than anything... I lurk on blogs and Fetlife... mostly because I have nothing to say to what they say... though I wish I did.
52. Going to munches have made me realize how unexperienced I still am after being active for three years.
53. I have come a long way in my life and vaguely remember the girl I once was.
54. I love to shop... but am very picky on what I do actually purchase.
55. Hot showers and baths are theraputic to my soul. I love how it will wash away all the stress I have.
56. I wish I enjoyed wine... I'm jealous of people that have aquired a taste for it.
57. As sad as this is... I feel lost without my cell phone.
58. I don't send out Christmas cards... I think they are a waste of time... but do give them out to my co-workers.
59. Despite it being Ben's favorite holiday.. I am not a fan of Halloween.
60. I have never driven a sports car... I would love to... but I'm sure I'd find a lot of trouble in one.
61. I still look at my engagement and wedding rings and smile... just like I had just got them.
62. I love lotion... and have many favorites.
63. I always change into lazy clothes when I get home.. I want to be relaxed when Im there.
64. I would like to retire in my 50's but am sure that won't happen.
65. I have been friends with my oldest friend for 15 years.
66. I have lived in the same house going on 6 years in July.
67. This is more difficult than I thought... finding things about yourself is harder than it looks!
68. I am a creature of habit... we have the same routines for getting up and going to sleep every day. We rarely ever deviate from that.
69. Change and me are not friends. I don't like change one bit... I get stuck in my ways.
70. I am proud to be an American... and always will be.
71. I am not religious at all... I do not believe in god or that their is a higher being. I did not come to this conclusion lightly.... it was over many years of weighing it in my mind.
72. I was raised Southern Baptist.
73. None of my grandparents are living.
74. My first car was a Dodge 600 SE in which I paid $400 for. I had that car for almost 2 years.
75. I got chicken pox at almost 18 years old... I still have scars from it.
76. I have never broken a bone in my body.
77. I have one tattoo... its on my left shoulder. Its a Chinese symbol that means pleasure. I would like to get one below it that means passion.
78. My favorite season of the year is Fall. I love the crispness of the air... the changing colors on the leaves... its just a great time of the year.
79. I am not a morning person... I hate getting out of bed.
80. I do not sleep well without Ben next to me.
81. I am a task oriented worker..... I don't mind doing customer service but deep down prefer to just be left to what Im doing.
82. As a child I only went on one real vacation... and so I try very hard to make sure my children get to vacation often.
83. We have flannel sheets on our bed right now.
84. I have a bit of a lead foot when it comes to driving... I got 3 tickets within 2 months when I was 18... opps.
85. My favorite flower is a calla lily... doesn't matter the color.
86. I do not watch sports.
87. I prefer to be cold than hot... you can only take off so many clothes before you're naked and still hot.
88. I have never been arrested.
89. My first job was at a fireworks store.. it was way fun.
90. I have never experienced an earthquake or valcano eruption. I have on the other hand lived through a hurricane, tornado, and flood.
91. I find historic stuff fascinating... I've always wanted to see the Mayan temples.... the arcitecture in Rome... the Great Wall of China.
92. I had my first white Christmas this past year.
93. I still look at my wedding pictures... they were amazing.
94. I have been quite the heart breaker... and I don't know how I do it... because I certainly don't mean to.
95. I have always loved the Little Mermaid... I can still watch it and it not get old.
96. I would like to learn how to snowboard or ski.
97. I do not enjoy yard work... I don't like to get out and work in a flower garden.
98. I grew up in southern Alabama... I don't miss the humid summers... but do miss the beaches.
99. No, I don't have an accent... just a few accented words.
100. I can never pick a favorite song... I like too many of them to narrow it down to one.