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my first flogging

I had anticipated my first flogging from the moment we knew we were getting them. I could not wait to finally know what it felt like to be be whipped. I would sit and daydream about it... think about it as I fell asleep.. little did I know what I imagined would not quite be what it would truly end up being.

The two floggers came in a poster tube. I was stoked when I opened the front door and it was sitting there... waiting. I took them in and opened the container anxiously. I pulled them out... feeling the material against my skin. I felt giddy... just like a little girl in a candy store that just got the best lollipop in the place.

I put my leg out in front of me and lightly swung the leather against my skin. I shivered... loving the way it felt. I hit myself again... a little harder. I grinned and couldn't wait till Ben would be home.

I picked up my phone and texted him that they had arrived... I got a,"Yay!" back.

Waiting for him to get home seemed like it took forever. I was so anxious.. I almost could not take it. When he got home I rushed over and hugged him then hurried off to grab the off our bed. I showed them to him with such glee it's almost silly to admit.

We showered... and then had dinner. He said something about being tired.. and I felt the loom of disappointment coming over me. I tried not to get discouraged and be understanding... but it was hard.

When we finally went to bed... I got what I had wanted.

I walked into the room before him. He walked up beside me and grabbed the corner of the sheet and blanket, yanking them off the bed. He pushed me into a bending position towards the bed, my ass exposed. My heart raced with excitement as I saw him out of the corner of my eye picking up the red leather flogger.

"Is that what you want?", he asked... I replied eagerly with a yes.

He started gently... warming me up. He laid the material on my back and drug it down the length to the bottom of my spine. My whole body seemed to melt... I was already breathing heavily... feeling the wetness grow between my legs.

Slowly he started to smack my back. It felt amazing.... in a relaxing sort of way. What I really wanted was to really just jump in head first... I'm sure he was doing it the best way though. His speed and intensity deepened... to the point that with every hit my body flinched... and I let out whimpers. He hit my back... and my ass... and my legs... and all it made me want was more.

He crawled around to in front of me with his cock standing at attention.. waiting for some attention. I greedily wrapped my mouth around it.... sucking vigorously... not giving any time to warm up. Ben went back to flogging my back.... picking up a rhythm as he hit me.

He told me to rub my clit and that I did. My body was trembling with arousal.. so much so I knew that I couldn't contain it. Almost like he knew, he ordered me to cum for him. With this order an orgasm erupted through my body... but I didnt stop... nor did he... I wasn't going to let go of the intensity.

Unfortunately, Ben had other plans. He pulled away from me... and went back behind me. He slapped my back really hard with the flogger then plunged his cock deep inside of my drenched pussy. I let out a scream of relief. We began fucking each other hard... me rubbing my clit still.. him still whipping me. It was fantastic to say the least.

I'm not sure how long he fucked me... I felt like I had went to another place and time... completely focused on the the pain and pleasure that was my very being at that moment. I did feel when he left me... the emptiness, only I did not have time to linger on it... as he was still flogging me.

I cried out for him to hit me harder.. I wanted him to push me... to push me hard. So hard that I would not be able to stand when he was done with me. I wanted that so very badly. He complied... making my skin burn under the whip. By then I had orgasmed several times... Im sure the bed and floor were soaked.

And then... nothing... no whipping... for a split second. Then out of the silence he grabbed a handful of hair and buried himself deep inside me again. He tugged hard... pounding away at my body. It was intense... it was just pure raw sexual heat that was between us. I wanted him to cum as badly as I did not want him to stop.

I made a quick decision and begged for him to cum in me. A few more thrusts.... he barked at me to cum with him... another thrust... and it was like hitting a wall... that daze... that sense of disorientation. We exploded together... both our bodies trembling from the onslaught.... breath shallow... hearts racing. It could not have been more perfect.

We collapsed into bed... holding each other close. I remember snuggling up to him... his arm wrapped around me holding me close to him, knowing that I could not love him more- feeling like the most special girl in the world.


What a great first experience with the flogger! I hope you'll have many more.



Pardon my tardiness in responding.. somehow it got away from me.

I hope I have many more as well! It was a great experience for sure