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I had spent the afternoon reading blogs... random ones... ones about lurid sexual moments... moments that stirred passion inside of me. I felt the familiar twinge between my legs... a dull throb... of lust and want. I couldn't take the torture any longer.

To my bed I went (my preferred masturbation spot.. just because I can stretch out). The room was barely illuminated.. just enough that I could still see. I stripped off what little clothes I had on till I was completely naked then laid down. My legs spread and my wanton fingers went straight for my clit.

I started rubbing slowly... then dove slowly into my cunt, wetting my fingers. Back up to my clit I went... working it gently... be intently. I closed my eyes.. imagining all sorts of things... trying to find the right image.. the right set up to give me the intended result.

Finally I landed on one...

We are in a vintage hotel room... dark colors... heavy drapes... rich textures... very.. Victorian. Ben is in an arm chair... dressed. He has his elbows on the arms with his hands joined in front of him... clasped... looking intent. He's kind of slumped down a bit... casual.

On the bed.. my legs are spread.. high in the air. My fingers are on my pussy rubbing it.. looking up at my partner... speaking filthy, slutty things to him. It's an old fuck buddy of mine.. the one that introduced me to bondage.

I glance over at Ben... still sitting there... watching us... then back up to this man who is about to fuck me. I beg for him to slide his cock in my ass.. and in seconds I am filled. He fucks me slowly at first but is soon pounding me.

I feel my orgasm coming... building up to a sweet blissful end. I slid my vibrator into my drenched pussy and turn it on.. fucking myself. I keep rubbing my pussy.. playing images over and over in my head. I am on the verge... I feel it... I keep my steady pace... and finally... a powerful orgasm rushes over me. I cry out in pleasure as waves engulf my body.

Once is subsides... I leave my vibrator inside of me... letting me come down easily. My body relaxes... eyes still shut in a quiet content world.