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black collar

So it came in the mail yesterday. I was on my way home talking to Ben on my cell when he said someone was knocking on the door. I got excited and said it might be the UPS dropping off the package... indeed it was! I told him not to open it till I got home, just because I wanted to open it together.

I got home and hugged and kissed him.... as my eyes fixed on the little white box on the counter. I picked it up, grin across my face and opened it quickly. In the box laid my new one inch leather collar.

Now I know the symbolism that a collar holds in the lifestyle... and I completely respect that. I hope that I do not offend anyone for what this piece of leather holds for me. To me... its all sexual. The sexual response I get from the idea of wearing a collar is overwhelming. It makes me feel vulnerable... and I like that.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a collar for a while now. I just recently brought it up to Ben... he, of course, just said alright. He's kind of to the point like that. I always work it up so much in my head.. sometimes afraid of telling him but always spill it in the end because I trust that he's going to accept anything about me. He always does. Its my own insecurities and I hate that. I'm working on that so in hopes one day I will get over it.

Anyways, I pulled it out of the box and removed it from the plastic. I could feel the wetness between my legs... I wanted it around my neck. I took it with me when I changed out of my work clothes. I put it on and stared into the mirror. It was real... I had a collar around my neck. It was kind of a surreal moment for me. After a minute or two I took it off and carried it around with me for a bit.

Funny thing about it.... I like the noise it makes... the noise that the D ring makes. Isn't that a strange thing to like? I told Ben that... he agreed. I finally took it back to our room and laid it on the dresser.

Later after dinner we took a shower and ended up laying on the bed for a bit. He kept asking what I wanted to do....I kept saying I didn't care. What I should have just said was that I was horny and I wanted to fuck. But- I didn't think the timing was on just yet.

I dug through my panty drawer and pulled stuff out for work in the morning... and also grabbed the matching panties to his favorite cami top. I laid back on the bed.. being playful. He belts out he wants to watch porn on our new tv. I, of course, said it was a good idea and had him pick something out from our collection of movies.

He grabbed it and took it to the living room and I quickly put the cami and panties on. I turned so I could see my ass in the mirror... he walked by while I was doing that... gave me a look and commented, "sexy butt". I just grinned.

I joined him in the living room and we turned the movie on. It ended up being one of the worst porns I've ever seen... but we kept trying. We wasted thirty minutes doing this before we decided to hook the laptop up to the tv and find some porn online. Fantastic idea. The first video we chose was a keeper.

On the screen two brunette chicks were making out... teasing each other's nipples and clits. I leaned against my husband with my back against him. He reached around started rubbing his hand over my hard nipple. I sighed at the touch of his hand and started rubbing his leg.

We kept petting each other, but it didn't take long for this to escalate. All it really took was him reaching in my top and pinching my nipples. I felt a surge between my legs and let him do whatever he wanted.

When he let go I turned around and took his nipple in my mouth... flicking it with my tongue then hungrily sucking it in. I rubbed his hard cock through his jammie pants. He wrapped his arm around and smacked my ass. I moaned and started pulling on his pants... he helped pull them off.

I leaned down and wrapped my lips around his cock as he laced his fingers in my hair. I sucked up and down.. feeling him guiding my speed with his hand. He slapped my ass with his free hand... over and over. In my head I wanted him to stop.... but in the same thought, didn't want him to.

His voice rumbled in my ears, "Fuck me!".

And like a good girl, I got to my feet and straddled him with my back facing him. I bounced up and down on his cock, taking him deep into my pussy. I love feeling him inside of me.. the mere thought is almost enough to make me cum.

He grabbed a handful of my hair again and bent me back as I rode him and grabbed my breast. Ben hadn't been fucking me long, but I knew I was going to cum soon. I slowed my pace and decided to rock my hips back and forth. The tip of his cock was hitting just the right spot. I was so close... I could feel the wave coming up on me.

I bucked harder... wanting to feel that rush. When it hit me... I couldn't breathe.... it was amazing. I kept moving my hips though... wanting to prolong my orgasm. But, it subdued and I climbed off him to taste my cum on his cock. I love tasting myself on him... it truly is the best.

We went back and forth with me sucking his cock and fucking him for a while. I was horny but feeling playful still. I was between his legs... he was close... he wanted to cum. He told me to fuck him again... I said no. He grabbed my hair and pulled me close.. "Is said fuck me.". He was stern and it only fueled the fire.

I obeyed and slid back down on his cock. I only got a few strokes in when I stood up and started walking to our room, glancing back at him. He followed... I stood in the door way trying to tease him. He walked up behind me and gave me a nudge forward. Then he pushed me down onto the bed, feet still spread and on the floor. Grabbing my hips he pulled me into him... he fucked me with a fury. He knew what he wanted and he was going to take it from me.

I begged him not to cum yet.... and luckily for me.. he obliged. He pulled me up and pushed me onto my knees where I took him back into my mouth. I looked up at him... sucking him slowly. I stopped... still looking at him... stood.. kissed him deeply... then whispered that I wanted to try on my new collar.

He told me to get it... and I handed it to him and turned around. He strapped it around my neck with such force... I cant describe the feeling that washed over me. I was wet before... but now I was practically dripping. He buckled it as tight as he could get it without choking me then turned me around. He grabbed the D ring and yanked me to my knees then brought his cock to my face.

It was exactly how I thought it would be... and it was wonderful! I could feel his power over me... and I was loving every second.

He didnt let me suck him long before he barked at me to stand and bend over. I did so quickly and felt him enter me hard. His hand slipped between my skin and the collar and pulled back. He used the collar as leverage to fuck me harder. I was in heaven. I had pictured exactly that in my head... and never told him.... no words I tell ya. I was starting to gasp for air.... and held on as long as I could before I felt lightheaded then gave him my signal.

I could tell he was so close... he had been for some time... but had been holding off at my request. I asked again for him not to cum, but he had been waiting long enough I guess. A few more good thrusts and he exploded inside of me.

I pulled forward and crawled onto the bed. He followed and sat between my legs where his hand found my clit. He wasted no time and rub feverishly. Again I had another powerful orgasm. I tried to wiggle away but Ben grabbed my leg and kept me from moving.

He kept rubbing... and another orgasm came. I was so sensitive by then... it wouldn't take much. I tried again to get away... but it was not going to happen. A fourth and final orgasm hit and yanked hard to get back... I could not take it any longer.

He crawled up behind me and held me. It was a great moment- all laid out there, collar at my neck... in the arms of the man I love. It doesn't get any better than that!