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A Tale of Two Piercings (part 2)

You can find part 1 here.

Valentine's Day rolled around... it was the first day of our vacation. We didn't leave the house till the afternoon.. I believe close to one or two. I could feel the nerves welling up inside of me.... but strangely enough.. not nearly as bad as I had expected. I really assumed that I was going to be a ball full of nervousness... but really... it never was overwhelming.

Ben made sure that I wanted to do it... said that I didn't have to if I didn't want to... but I had... what.. almost five months leading up to this one day. I wanted to. The idea of them wasn't my idea to begin with... and had he never mentioned it.. I never would have done it on my own accord. Somehow over those months... it became something I really wanted too. Can't complain about that :-)

We got downtown, where the shop was. We had to park in a garage several blocks away... but it wasn't too terrible of a walk. We parked and arm in arm.. we walked down the street... chatting and enjoying our day out. The rain was a gentle sprinkle... and so we were okay without an umbrella. We did... however... walk under any canopies we passed by.

We got to the place... and with a deep breath... we pushed into the shop. At the counter was two people... a guy and a girl. I didn't make eye contact... I didn't say anything... but the idea of telling a complete stranger I wanted to get my nipples pierced slightly embarrassed me. Even so, I waltzed up to the counter with Ben... and said just that.

The guy... Charlie... started out by explaining that they didn't pierce with anything but bars... and used Tygon. This I already knew. He pulled out the beads I could choose from and laid them out on the counter. I told him I wanted something blue... and he pointed me to the few options I had. I ended up deciding on a silver ball with blue gems in them.

He took some initial information... said he was going to sterilize the jewelry and handed me a clip board to fill out some more stuff. Ben and I strolled to the couches where he looked through their portfolio. I finished up the paper work pretty quickly... and sat and waited. I took off my jacket.. I was warm... I'm thinking from the nerves. I was actually doing this. It seemed a bit crazy.

Charlie called us back into their piercing room. We chatted... in a way that was familiar about pets and stuff. It was kinda weird.. but really good.. as it put my worries at bay. I didn't get time to get all worked out and crazy. He was very good like that. He also asked if I was nervous or excited. I laughed that uneasy sort of laugh.. and said nervous for sure.

When he got all the stuff set up... he said he'd step out and let me get undressed and get comfortable. I remember feeling kinda strange... taking off my shirt and bra.. and sitting in this chair so that some guy could stick a metal needle through my nipples. Strange indeed.

When I got settled, Ben went and got him. Charlie had me stand up with my arms at my sides. He marked each side of my nipple then had me settle back in. More chatting went on. He asked me if I was feeling okay- I was... and just ready to be done.

He put these tiny scissor shaped forceps on my right nipple. He asked if they were too tight.... in my head.. I laughed... I certainly have had worse. I told him they were fine. He told me to just keep breathing and not tense up... it would only hurt worse. I couldn't look at him... or down... I just looked straight at Ben, who held my hand and looked compassionately down at me with a smile.

Then.. it was time... he counted down.. and through my nipple the needle went. I tried hard to breath.... but it was hard not to squeeze Ben's hand. I was going to a tough cookie and not cry or scream... no way. I did... intake air and make a sound.... the kinda sound you make when you're trying not to panic. Then the right one was done. Again, I was asked if I was doing alright... I was... let's keep going.

Onto the left. Same as before... I kept breathing... but never felt an adrenaline rush. Too bad too. Again.... the forceps... the count down... and the needle ripped out a piece of me. This time... it hurt much worse. I still didn't scream... but man was I glad we were done.

I could get dressed now... and I was going to do so carefully. Charlie said to sit for a few to make sure I didn't feel dizzy or what not. When I felt confident I could stand with no issues... I stood and felt dizzy almost immediately. I grabbed onto Ben's arms as my world spun. Charlie asked if I was doing okay and then said to sit for a bit longer. He went and got me a glass of water to help.

After a few minutes... I stood slowly and got redressed. It was done.... I had pierced nipples.

After we paid.... we pushed out of the store onto the streets of downtown... and I felt awesome. The piercings didn't hurt nearly as much as I had expected... the worst part was certainly the actually piercing.

It's an odd thing walking down the street with a secret piercing of sorts.... and you know.. and you feel like the whole world should know. I know that I love my piercings. I never thought I would so much... but I do. I'm so glad I got them. I've been so fortunate in my healing process too... I've had no issues and no soreness to speak of.

So that's my tale... of something that would have never been had it not been for Ben...


That's awesome! It's how I feel about my tongue piercing. Just had to do it for myself cuz I was so scared to once. Of course, the actual piercing is a breeze, it's the few days of swollen tongue that are a bitch. Lol. Congrats on your piercing.



I didn't know you had a tongue ring! That's cool :-) Thanks for the congrats too :-)