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A Tale of Two Piercings (part 1)

Sometime in October.... Ben asked me how I felt about nipple piercings. I told him that the idea kinda scared me... that I'd never just get them done just for me. I mean... obviously this is something that would hurt very, very much. He also asked if I'd ever get it done.. that he thought nipple piercings were hot. This, of course, was a huge motivator to do it... as I like doing things that my husband thinks is hot.

After some thought.. I agreed to get it done.

The first hold off came as soon as I decided to do it. With my surgery on the horizon.. I couldn't them done. So we decided that after, we'd do it. When the time came... it was Christmas and we needed to focus on spending our money on presents... it would have to wait some more.

New Year's Eve rolled around... we had a poker party. There was a mixed bag of attendees. One of the people that came was a friend of a friend. Cool chick though. She had her navel pierced several weeks before with something called Tygon. She said that it cut down her heal time considerably. We chatted briefly about it... as my sister was there.. and I wasn't wanting her to know why I was asking. She just wouldn't get it. I decided that later on, I'd email her and ask more. She just raved about the place she got it done.... and so when I went to decide where to get it done...I checked them out.

As 2010 rolled around... we were wanting to take a vacation... after being burnt out with work. I decided that we'd wait for vacation to do the piercing.. just in case I was going to be sore. I didn't exactly want to be working with sore tits lol. We planned to take the week of Valentine's Day off. The closer we got to it.. the more excited and nervous I got. I was pretty worked up about it... the last piercing I had didn't exactly work out so well. I think it lasted less than six months. I just really didn't wanna go through the pain of getting them pierced and then not having them very long.. but I was willing to give it a go.

As the week approached... Ben and I talked about Valentine's Day and what our plan was. Ben thought it'd be cool to go down to Portland and spend the day there and get my piercings. And so... that was the plan. Yes, I could still back out... but by then.. I wasn't doing it just to make him happy... I really wanted to get them done.

Even when the day approached.... I was super nervous......

TBC :-)


Oooh exciting!
For a while I was considering getting my clit hood done, but I never could muster up enough courage - I hope you're braver than me ^_~ haha



I think I could never muster up that kinda courage... no thank you. A lot of it has to do with how I wouldnt want down time... ie no sex lol