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Ben's idea

I was at work... and texting. (Yes, I know.. shame on me). Anyways... I was telling him about my most recent crazy dream. You see, I have very crazy dreams.. and am known for them. I think my all time favorite was the one where Snoop Dogg tried to kill me. It was quite funny.

In the process of the conversation... he mentioned that I should start writing down my dreams. I asked him if there was a specific reason... he only replied that it'd be interesting. So of course this planted the seed.. that has now become a new reoccurring part of my blog.

From now on.. any time I have a strange or crazy dream... ther'es a good chance it will show up on here. :-)

SOOOO on with the show. I have two different dreams to talk about... both completely different but interesting (to me atleast) in their own right.

Several days ago... I had a dream about a baby giraffe. He was the size of a half grown cat with fluffy fur instead of short hair like a normal giraffe had. He was super cute and rambunctious. Anytime the door was open... he'd take off for it.. trying to get out. You'd think it'd get annoying.. but all it did was make me laugh. AND the best part was that you could cuddle him... and while you petted him... he'd purr, just like a cat. OMG so cute.. and I want one so bad. Too bad it doesn't really exist!

Two nights ago I had a dream based in Biloxi, Mississippi. I've realized that I dream a lot about the south. I grew up there... and know it very well.. (that is the parts I've grew up in lol). I'm sure that's why it plays such a big role versus where I live now.

Anyways... I was at a casino right on the beach. It was a big resort as well... apparently it was bought by a new owner and was being remodeled. They had just put in this awesome pool area that was more of destination than just a place to swim. It was amazing... and I remember thinking how good it felt to be swimming as I don't get to often really.

I stayed at the pool for a good while until I was supposed to meet up with Ben and his best friend. Sometime in this process of meeting up with just Ben it came to attention that we were meeting up so that we could have a foursome with his BF and BF's sister. I thought this was just too weird and really didn't want to do it. I did my best to make Ben understand that... but he shrugged it off.. saying that it wasn't weird.. and it was no big deal. It was pretty frustrating.

We got into his car and were going to go meet up with them... but for some reason Ben decided to drive towards the casino. There was 3 or 4 tunneled roads that led to the underground parking area. He picked one of the middle ones that was corded off and busted through it. I was freaking out asking what he was doing... but we pressed forward down the dark road that obviously been unused for some time... it was covered in dirt and trash.

Off in the distance I realized that the road had been cut off and it was going to drop us directly into the Gulf of Mexico. I started to panic... and finally talked him into turning around. Just as he did... I woke up.

So yeah... that's a few... and there will be more in the future. I know I can't be the only one that remembers their dreams to such depths. I do find them interesting though. :-)