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the surgery

So where to start. I guess I should pick up from where my last post that wasn't blog ending.

I was scheduled for my tubal at the end of November... two days before Thanksgiving to be exact. It was kinda crappy.. but my choices were that or two days before Christmas... I bet you can guess why I picked November.

I spent the weekend before making pies and breads for Thanksgiving.. getting as much done as I could... as I knew I wouldn't be much help in the kitchen (and I wasn't). Finally the day arrived.

We checked in at six a.m. and did a series of waiting. I was back in the prep room around 6:30ish. I got changed into my very sexy gown and slippers. I was draped in warm blankets which soon become a little too warm. They also put these cuff things on my calves that are inflated during surgery to prevent clots. Not flattering but served a purpose.

I answered questions like if I had any jewelry on and if I was shaved (like I wouldn't be lol). Fun. Next came the iv which wasn't too bad... The nurse numbed my hand so it wouldn't hurt going in. That was a nice touch... I've never had them do that before.

Soon we were joined by the drug doc lol and my doctor. More questions and we are good to go. Ben had to leave me then. I was certainly nervous... but I was committed now.

They wheeled me down the hall to OR 3. It was cold and kinda scary. There were like seven people in there plus the docs. I waited as they prepped my table and noticed the schedule of people getting surgeries. One was a 24 year old getting a hysterectomy. That breaks my heart to even imagine...

I didn't have time to focus on that though. They had me scoot to the table. My right arm was wrapped in a warm blanket... I could feel the leg cuffs inflating. I looked up into the light as the put the knock out stuff in my iv and put my arm out on the arm rest. I heard a nurse say she was putting an patch on my chest and I looked up at the lights. And that was it.

Apparently as I was coming out (I don't remember this-Ben told me later) but I totally panicked...and started thrashing around. I had to be held down by three orderlies. I'm glad I don't remember that... I'm sure I was scared. Not a good memory to have.

What I do remember is the severe cotton mouth. I got asked in my haze if I wanted crackers or Graham crackers... I picked Graham... Took one bite but my mouth was too dry. At least I think that's all I ate. I asked for water too.

They wheeled me into another room... and Ben was finally allowed to see me again. That's where the nurse scheduled my post op appointment then asked if I felt good enough to head home. Honestly, I was still pretty loopy but I had Ben. They gave me my first dose of pain meds before having him sign my release papers.

He helped me get dressed an even put my shoes on(sweetest. man. ever.) then helped me to the wheelchair. With that.. we were on our way. We stopped long enough to get my medicine at kaiser... I decided to stay in the car...I'm not so sure I would have had the energy to go in.

When we got home I went straight to bed with help of course. Ben joined me :-) I didn't sleep well. When they do this they fill your stomach cavity with air... Not all of it comes out. So there was tons of pressure that hurt more than I can describe. It took hours to dissipate.

We stayed in bed till almost three when my back hurt too much to lay there any longer. I keep having to change positions every little bit to try to alleviate the discomfort even through the meds.

I mean...overall... It wasn't terrible but I'm very glad I don't have to do this again. It took me about three or four days to not be walking around like I was an old woman... and about a week to not feel drained at every little exertion. But... its all behind us now. It's nice to know that birth control is a thing of the past for us.


ahhhhh surgery I know it all too too too well.



I'm really hoping never to experience it again lol