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I often wonder how anyone finds my blog. I know that over time.. my obsession of blogs has formed that I've ran across many blogs. The thing about it is.. I really don't remember how I found most of them. I wonder if that's true for everyone... that they don't remember how the stumbled across someone's personal space on the world wide web.

I know that I generally only give only give a new blog one or two posts.. and if I can't grab my attention.. I move on. I wonder how many would be readers I've missed because of few boring or bad posts between the ones I deem good. I'm sure I am not alone in that action... and I'm sure that most people will give it less than one post. But. I could be wrong.

Anyways.. the point... the point is... I just wonder how you found my blog. I would be interested in finding out.. IF you remember. :-)


I found you because you commented on ours. I always visit back those that comment. So the question is... how did YOU find us? lol


Well this time I followed a link you had left on my blog. But I have been here before, following comments on various blogs.




I've been following you guys for some time now... and honestly I don't remember. I'm sure it was from someone else's blog.. I'm the queen of blog rolls :-)


well I guess it pays to comment on other people's blogs huh?


you found me... I followed you home.


and yes, if you comment- people will usually get curious and come visit


Not sure how I found it, but I do enjoy it....


I don't remember how I found your blog, but the word search feature on Gmail gives me a clue: you commented on petitemort on August 29 of this year, and I always look at blogs of people who comment on mine, as a common courtesy.

And I liked yours.

Normally, that's how it goes. There are so many blogs out there it's impossible to read or comment on them all. When I have a moment to look around, I start with blogs of people who've commented on mine and work out from there, clicking on links of people who make interesting comments of their own.



I'm starting to see that!


Well I'm glad :-)


Well however you did.. I'm glad you like enough to visit


You can thank Riff.