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HNT: invitation

Spreading my legs.. I call you to me... inviting you to touch the softness of my thighs..
Inviting you to venture further... to the wetness that grows between my legs..
Inviting you to fill me... to take my breath away as you completely impale me...


Heh, sexy post and picture. Happy hNT!


Happy HNT I love how the camera caught the sun light from behind you.


i seem to have misplaced my invitation...can i still join the party?



Thank you! Happy HNT to you as well!


I liked that part too!


:-) Indeed


No, the invitation need not be verbal, or even as pointed as you suggest . . . it can be a look, a touch, a sigh.

All equally clear, and fulfilling.



Isnt that the truth?


Now that, that is an invitation! Whew, HOT!



Yep.. Im blushing now