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HNT: Laced

Theres something about a corset that makes me feel instantly sexy. Not that I don't a good portion of the time... but this is like... bam... I feel incredibly hot. I love the feel of the laces against my exposed skin... the way the string falls... and how I can feel it against my ass as I move. I love the curve of my waist it makes... and the smoothness of the bodice. How each little hook connects up a long line... giving way to cleavage. I feel sexy indeed.


I always feel sexy when wearing a corset too. Great post and sexy picture, that's a gorgeous corset and it looks great on you. Happy HNT.



Thanks! I've always been very fond of corsets... even if they are a pain in the ass to get into.

Happy HNT!


corsets are the best! I love them and it looks like we have the same one! :)


the corset, your lovely bum, but it was your words which drove me over the edge! happies



Great minds my dear.. great minds ;-)


always up for a compliment... as always.. thank you!