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baby steps

Ive become comfortable with the current track of my blog. Not because that's how I like it... but simply because that is how its morphed. I keep meaning to write something... and I wait for something blog worthy to come along... and before I know it.. it's Thursday again. Time to post another picture.. and put my mind back to thoughts of writing.

And that is where that thought ends... where it is left. Tucked away in the corners of my mind.

I'm not sure when I stopped mulling stuff around in my brain.. and when I stopped actually writing. I guess I could go back and look in my archives, but frankly, that seems a little depressing.

So there's the curser blinking in front of me once more... like so many times before... where I sat and stared at the empty screen. I sit and hope that something will come... if only I ponder long enough. I have two posts that are waiting to be finished.. things I've started that very unlikely to ever see the light of the internet.

Why you ask? Well... cause when something finally did come to me.... it took me some time to actually put it down. The words that actually came to me when I thought of them... somehow were blurred... it didn't have that finesse that it had when it first came to mind.

And so they will probably find themselves in a trash pile.. forever lost to that void. It's probably for the best... as I'll never be able to grasp the mood.. or feeling it was originally intended to be written in.

SO... this is my effort to put down something. Here it is.. in all its glory.. just simply cause I felt like writing. Which... I think, is putting the right foot forward to get back on track of writing. Here's to hoping!