this girl's life

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We were laying on the bed.. all the wrong way. My legs were over the side with my back flat against the mattress. Ben was up next to me... laying there in a perfect little silence. Minutes passed before Ben said we should go get a shower.

He got up.... taking his shirt off. I watched him as he disappeared from the room. I heard him call for me.. asking if I was coming. I was.... just not that very second. I closed my eyes and imagined how I had wanted that moment to go...

On my back... my shirt rose a little.. leaving a little strip of skin exposed above my jeans. I could imagine his fingers tracing the waistline. I could imagine his hands working north... feeling my smooth skin under his fingertips. He would keep moving till he reached the bottom band of my bra slipping underneath.

He'd trace that band as well... inching up a tad.. to feel my nipple... all hard and ready to be teased. He's slip his whole hand inside... wrapping it around the full of my breast.. squeezing it gently much to my approval. Before leaving... he'd gently pinch the hardness.. exciting a moan from me.

He'd move south again... exploring a different route this time. This time when he reached my jeans, he'd unbutton them. Slowly unzipping them.. his fingers would move inside... grazing over the smooth lips of my pussy making my breathing grow more rapid.

He'd remove them... and use the other to pull my jeans down my legs. He'd inch up my legs to the inside of my thighs.. kissing gently. When he reached my pussy... he'd lick slowly... teasing my clit.. making my body writhe under his tongue. His hands would move back up... under my bra and pinch both of my nipples again.

And this is where my imagination stopped as the husband was calling for me again. I got up in my dreamy state and joined him in the shower.. leaving my thoughts in the bedroom.