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fall is here!

I love fall... and it never ceases to amaze me how much. The crispness of the air... the chill on the wind.... the sunny days and even the gray ones.... and most of all... the color of the leaves. I just LOVE looking at the colors.... it makes me feel very peaceful.

I was driving home from work today... and I felt like I could sit and stare at the trees for hours. It's just so wonderful to me... I can't really explain it. It's certainly my favorite season of the year. I'm lucky enough to live in a part of the United States that has distinct seasons. None of which are super extreme in either temperature range... which is nice.

Today is one of those gray days.. one where I wanted to stay home on the couch, drink hot chocolate, and read my book. OR... even better would have been curled up on the couch with Ben. Alas, neither happened today.... work intervened into that dream. I guess that makes the days we can do that even more special.

I don't see that coming in the near future... we have a full weekend ahead of us... and soon things will be hopping with the holidays. I know that my sister and I always go overboard at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We spend days leading up to the holiday baking and such. The thing that's kinda dumb about it is this....

We have a snack table set up first thing. It contains veggies... crackers.. cheeses... meat rolls... sausage... sweet stuff... all sorts of stuff. We all end up eating all day long and are stuffed by the time that the actual meal rolls around... let alone dessert. So we spent those days preparing for this... to have all this yummy food and desserts... and we don't even end up eating half of it. We almost always end up having to take dessert home.

It is great fun though. I just love spending time with my family. We spend the whole day cooking... and bs'ing. We play games around the table and just chatter. On Thanksgiving we always scope out the Black Friday ad's and plan out our attack on the following day of shopping.

On Christmas we spend around four hours opening presents and there is always one scavenger hunt... it became a tradition about four or five years ago. This year my children and niece and nephew will be the recipients of that honor (giggles).

So yeah.. I didn't mean for this to become what it has... I totally planned on talking about my love for Fall. It turns out that for the first time in several years... I am stoked about the impending holidays... and for that.. I truly am thankful. There is nothing like spending time with the people you love...


Autumn is my favorite season too! You are very brave to venture out on Black Friday....there must be a little bit of the masochist in you!


Must be *grins* but I do enjoy it... its fun... something to be said about traditions you know?