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what wonders the shadows hold

I was laid out diagonally across the bottom of our bed... totally spent.. eyes closed almost unable to move part of the sheet bunched in my hand. I felt Ben's hand touch my flushed skin... gently running his fingers across my back.

"Come on baby", he said sweetly, wanting to take me into his arms.

He crawled onto our mattress and I slowly followed. He was already on his back when I curled my beaten body into him.... feeling completely loved and safe with his arm wrapped around me. I laid my head on his chest and felt completely at peace.


Ben had texted me earlier in the day... letting me know that his back was hurting and that most likely that meant no sex... hope I wasn't horny, he said. I, of course, was. It had been two weeks since we had done anything remotely painful... and I was feeling restless to say the least. It's weird how I almost need the pain to stay grounded these days.

I prepared myself for the rest of the day not to get what my body and mind needed. I was tired... and feeling my day at work. It seemed very late at night... even though it was only a little after seven (or so).

I went to our bedroom and laid down, cuddling up to one of our cats. Ben followed and we talked and cuddled for a bit. He asked me what I wanted to do... and since sex was out... sleep was the next best thing. He agreed but said we should go take a shower.

In the shower... after he finished I needed to shave still before I would be done. He was just standing there.... so I kissed him (which is usually when he leaves to dry off). He continued to stand there... and I complained saying I needed to shave and I didn't want to run out of hot water.

He kissed me again... deeply.... with my razor in hand (funny the things that stick out in your mind). I kissed him back passionately... locked in his embrace as his hand went to my hair and tugged. I was a instantly weak in the knees.

After a few minutes I complained again about needing to shave (assuming that I wasn't getting laid... and so therefore no reason to get me riled up). He wasn't done with me though.. and kissed me again.

He broke the embrace and pushed me to my knees in the shower.... then rammed his cock down my throat. The roughness seemed more harsh.. given the time that had elapsed since the last time we played that way. Every tug on my hair was more painful than I remembered.

He fucked my face... and then opened the shower curtain and stepped out... leaving me on my knees. He grabbed my hair again and pulled me to my feet. This is where he began his assault on my ass. He smacked it over and over.... and I yelped... feeling each sting deep inside of me.

After he got in many good blows... he pulled my hips into him and buried his cock inside of me. I cooed with happiness... though it would be short lived. He slammed me a few times then abruptly yanked out.. ahh you have to love a good tease.

I shaved quickly knowing that my hot water was almost gone. Sure enough, I shaved most of my legs in cold water.... nicking my legs in the process. When I opened the shower curtain the door to the bathroom was slightly open (nothing out of the usual) but I could see that the lights were off.... excitement flashed through me.

I dried off quickly and did my after shower rituals... I'm a creature of habit. I stepped out of the bathroom and headed to the bedroom. Ben was standing there... still hard... waiting for me in a candlelit room. I glanced at the bed, it was stripped except the bottom sheet and laying on the side was our blue flogger. I thought to myself that was strange knowing that he prefers the red one... but I was NOT going to complain.

From there its some what of a blur between sucking his cock while he flogged me.... being bent over the bed and being flogged. The pain, just like it was in the bathroom was just the same.... intense. It stung bad... but in a good way... and in my head I wanted the pain to stop.... yet... I didn't.

I do remember him pulling me back against the bed with my hands over my head... holding me in place as he flogged my stomach.. my legs... my tits. I spread my legs... he was almost amused... asking if I wanted my pussy spanked.... and like the pain.. I did but I didn't.

After a while he finally fucked me... and it felt fantastic. I laid my head down on the mattress as he pounded away and I noticed an odd thing.... I could see our shadow on the wall.. flickering. It was.... well.. I don't have words for it.

I was intoxicated with the image of our bodies mingled together... I stared at it but still held onto our actions. Several times I would stare off at it... being able to see my wonderful husband behind me.

It seemed like forever... but I could finally start to feel his frenzied bucking against me. I knew at any minute... he would be filling me with his cum... I pushed back against him.. totally lost in lust.

I gasped... screaming... and felt his body convulse against me....


So, i guess you did get some treats for Halloween! Could I be more jealous?! (Well, not of the nicked shaved legs....I hate that too) but the flogging of various body parts is so are so lucky and what a nice surprise when you didn't expect it. I loved the imagery of your shadows co-mingling. MMMMMM.....lucky, lucky you!