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As much as I love it...sometimes I wish I had never learned about it.

I think about it all the time.. wanting it... and even in the afterglow of it... I'm onto the next time... like its never enough.

It consumes me.

I'm telling you, it's ruined me. Sometimes regular sex does not quench the thirst I have inside me.

It's an addiction.

And just like any addiction it consumes me.

It's always on my mind... how and when I'll get my next "fix".

I feel so greedy.... I have this wonderful life.. wonderful husband... and somehow I want more... I want to sit on the edge of arousal... waiting... wondering when I'll tip forward into the unknown.

It's all... so wrong... this want... this- need.


hmmm.. sounds vaguely familiar. You are not alone.

xoxoxo mina



Good to know Im not alone!


Yes... it does... that's the problem lol