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and its back again

After I got out of the shower I laid horizontally across the bed trying to cool my body after the hot water. Ben was still in the bathroom shaving and brushing his teeth. When he was down he joined me in our room.. shutting the door behind him- which is always a sign a good time is in store.

He snatched off the covers... I stayed where I was... waiting to see what he had in mind. He climb on the bed and positioned himself over me. He started kissing my back and soon it quickly turned into biting. I almost purred.

Before I knew it... I was on my knees pinching my clit and squirting all over the bed. I was so wet I could barely stand it. When he finally got around to fucking me... he slid in with such ease... was amazing.

It's been a while but the whole thing had vibe to it that I haven't felt in a while. I felt his domination over me again... it was amazing.

Still its not the hardcore fuck that I really need... but I have a feeling that will be happening again in the near future.

(Sorry for the short post today, btw. Just not feeling a long worded one today.)