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just one of those moments

The other night we had just got done watching a movie. We were both just sitting there talking lounging on the couch when I decided to climb on him (hehe). I straddled his hips with my hands on his chest looking down at him in a giggly way. There was things said back and forth... don't really remember what though.

I leaned down and nibbled on his neck playfully. I was horny... but in the same sense.. I just wanted to play too. I leaned back up smiling.. more words. Then I leaned back down kissing his neck a little more intensely.

When I came back up... looking at him... he had this look in his eyes... a look that I love.. the look that screams that he loves me so intensely that words could not describe. I felt my face soften... and a warmth come over me.

I love this man. I'm so in love with him.

It's those moments... the moments where it's so simply in front of you... the love that you share and how this person consumes who you are.... you are not a you... you are a we. I sighed softly... the rest of the world ceased to exist at that moment and I lingered there... soaking up the moment.

I never know when this moment will hit me... but when it does... I feel free and alive... but most of all... I feel loved.