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Our Anniversary Weekend away (Day one... part one)

For our anniversary... we decided we'd take a little weekend trip to celebrate. We picked Seattle because its close and there's plenty of stuff to do. We left Saturday mid day after we had laid around in bed.... starting off our vacation in true couple fashion. The two hour drive was nice as we had picked the perfect weekend to go. There was no rain to speak of and the sun was out. For those of you who live in the Northwest, I'm sure you can appreciate that.
We had next to no traffic till we got near downtown... which wasn't bad considering. Once we got off the interstate we made a beeline for Pike Place Market. I love the market... if I lived in Seattle... I would shop for all my fresh produce there. This place is just so alive... so much energy... it has a life of its own. Yes, its crowded... but I think its part of its charm.

We wandered around.. looking at all sort of things... just enjoying our time together. We had no where to be... no plans until later. I love the freedom of just being together. It was a much needed time away.

One of my favorite parts about the market is the flower. During the winter they sell dried flowers (which they had a few still left), but spring is now in full bloom and there were tulips everywhere! I love seeing the pairings... the bouquets... they're lovely.

After we left Pike Place, we headed over to our hotel. Check in went quickly... and then we headed up to our room. We got a room with a great view of the Space Needle with a huge bed.. and wonderful soaking tub.

We laid around for a while.. watching tv.. and just laying in bed cuddling. This time away was about being together... the activities really didn't matter to us. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to head off to our dinner cruise.
I put on my dress and got all prettied up. We were quite the attractive couple... all arm and arm together.. I do love being on the arm of my husband. We headed to the pier and waited. It was a bit chilly... but it was nice.
The dinner cruise was amazing. The sights were lovely.... and the food was so yummy. We cruised around the Puget Sound and Lake Washington.. which included seeing Bill Gates house lol.
We had bruschetta, a green salad, garlic peppercorn bread, beef tenderloin, and then a raspberry chocolate mousse to finish it off. Each course was brought out perfectly timed to each leg of the cruise and set to a live guitar music.

The best part was watching the sun set over the Cascade Mountains. There's something breathtaking about watching the sun glimmer over the water. The way it shines so softly in the distance.. kissing the earth laid out before us.
When the cruise was over.. we headed back to the hotel to drop off the car. We hopped into a cab. This guy had NO idea where we were wanting to go... and the trip there cost twice as much as it should have. He ran three yellow lights (they turned red before we even were under them) and almost hit a couple guys there were crossing the road. Needless to say.. I was slightly terrified.

But, we made it to our destination unharmed. He headed into this bar and grill that boasts 160 beers on tap. It was truly impressive. Ben ordered a sampler and I got a mixed drink. I was pretty disappointed in mine... probably the worst drink I've ever had. Ben liked his though, which was the only reason I picked to go to that particular place.

We sat and drank... chatting and being together before we decided to head back to our hotel around midnight. It was only a half mile back.. so we decided to walk back. It took us about twenty minutes of pain staking walking in heels to get back.. but we arrived happy and together.

We headed back upstairs to finish up our night.....


What a wonderful evening so far! The pics are gorgeous!


oh man. wow. that dress in the post below phew!



Thanks :-) It was one of the best dates we've ever had.


I think I may rethink my feelings about dresses