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the dress

I had looked far and wide for a dress for our upcoming (now passed) anniversary weekend away. You see, I'm really not a big fan of dresses. I not 100% sure why that is... I just know that I don't like them... and I know... I don't think most are very flattering on me.

About a week before we were supposed to leave.... I had enough. I hadn't found a dress... and the ones I had found quite frankly sucked ass. So.. I gave up. I was going to wear my black and blue pin striped pants. The thing is I wanted to find a new shirt to wear.

Friday I set out to find a new shirt on lunch. Much to my surprise.. I found a ton of dresses that I loved... weird. I tried them all on... and one of them was just "it". I was thrilled.. and more so when it was 50% off! Sweet deal.

Friday was the last day of work before my ten day vacation started. When I got home... Ben was just getting home around the same time. I told him about the dress then tried it on... with the shoes and earrings I planned on wearing. Ben said.... "cute". I laughed and said I didn't want to look cute.

Ben wanted to pop into the shower before my niece and her fiance showed up and so I was going to go to take off the dress. He walked up behind me.. and wrapped his arms around me.

"The best thing about a dress... is this...", he said... as his hand snaked down my thigh and hiking up my skirt. His fingers worked their way around to the round of my ass... making me exhale. Before I knew it... his fingers were working their way to my pussy... to my clit.
I pushed my ass back and against him... feeling his hardness against me.... and I must say.. I loved every moment of it.

Then out of no where... he bent me over the bed.. and slammed deep inside of me. He pounded away... the moans slipping from my lips. I could hear the tinkle of my dangly earrings with each thrust. I felt deliciously slutty. The kind of slut that is only brought out by the best lover. The kind of slut that the sophisticated woman wants to be... and is only made to be so when its forced upon them.

He pulled out.. only to let me shed my garments... and head to the shower. Inside the bathroom I was fucked before I could turn the shower on.... more inside the shower... twice before he finally decided that what he really needed was to cum inside of his wife.

I think he liked the dress.