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C is for....

Cherry Blossoms


This is probably one of my favorite times of year next to fall. My town's neighborhood roads are lined with pink trees.. some of which are cherry blossom trees. Its quite possibly the only pink thing I truly love. They are so bright an cheery and when it gets close to the end of their blooming cycle... it rains pink flowers.

There is nothing like it really... driving down the road and going through a blizzard of flowers. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, this makes me smile. Two weeks ago, this particular road was alive with color... and then.... they started to fall. In another two weeks... there will be no trace of them left. Such a short time... for such beauty.


definitely much nicer than Bradford Pear! The Bradford Pear sure looks pretty, but GAH! they smell like decay!



is that what grows there in NY?

I just wish the pink trees stuck around longer!