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where were you at 5 am?

It's been a while since I've woken up in the middle of the night horny enough to actually do something about it... call it old age... or whatever (though I know I'll be told that I'm not old)... I just haven't in a while. Sleep is so very precious to me.... but in the same thought.. so I sex. So yeah.

I had woke up several times... all warm and sleepy. Each time I wanted him... but sleep would retake me just as I'd scoot up against Ben's body... molding mine to the contour of his. Curling my groin up and around his ass that I love so much. Then... I'd drift off to dream land.

The last time I woke up was around five am. This break from sleep was much more powerful.... I was more awake than any of the other times... and this time.. the urge overtook the need to sleep. I was still snuggled up behind him from previous bouts of wakefulness.

My head slid down his chest to his hip where I rubbed a few times before just saying screw it... and going for the prize. When my fingers reached his cock... I was pleasantly surprised to find it hard and waiting for me. I wasted no time and wrapped my fingers around... slowly stroking him at first. He woke up almost instantly.. or was he already awake?

My speed picked up... and soft cries of pleasure escaped his lips. He moved.... and my hand moved with him.. till he was on his back... reaching over to find my willing pussy. We laid there.. working each other over... till the urge to fuck was too strong.

I rolled over... and stuck my ass out. Seconds later my cunt was met with a very sudden fullness. I groaned... I love that initial feeling... its simply amazing. Our hips began to move together... not wasting time... the middle of sleep is not the time to go slowly. Its about getting what you want and then going back to sleep all satisfied.

We only stayed like this for a few minutes before I rolled onto my back.... him on his side still. Our hands found one another... touching in the darkness.... his hand gently grasping me. I set back to my task at hand... moving my hips up and down on his cock... feeling an orgasm growing. Somewhere in there... his other hand found my clit. He roughly handled me... and I was a goner.

My head went back as I cried out... explaining an orgasm... now there is a task isn't it? I didn't stop though... I kept fucking him as mine subsided.... my hands reaching out for his chest. My fingers brushed against his nipple. I grabbed it between my fingers... gently tweaking it.

I could feel his body tense under me.... I knew that he was almost there.... so I continued... not making it more intense. Just sticking with what was working. Then before I knew it... he convulsed... spilling his seed into me.. filling me.

When it subsided... we parted and curled up into each other.

"Where did that come from", he asked.

"I was horny.", I said matter of factly, "besides, it seems that you were too".