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Our Anniversary Weekend away (Day one... part two)

If you haven't read part one yet... feel free to do so here. :-)

When we got up to our room.. I kicked off my heels. I was certainly happy about that after hiking half a mile back to hotel. That sure doesn't SEEM like a lot... but when you don't wear heels a lot, it sure is. I walked over to the huge windows and pulled open the curtains. I looked out over the city towards the Space Needle all lit up... and smiled. It had been a wonderful night.... quite possibly one of the best dates we have ever been on.

Ben walked up behind me... wrapping his arms around me. We stood there together.. soaking in the beautiful sight and just enjoying being together. I closed my eyes and sighed... knowing that this moment was perfect- that nothing else mattered at that second but being there with him.

Minutes passed before I felt the warm touch of his lips on my neck. My eyes stayed shut... as they continued down my neck to my left shoulder. I turned my head back just enough for me to open my eyes to see him just for him to look up at me. My breathing was already shortening.... my body already tingly and needing him.

Our lips met... kissing each other wanting to encompass each other. I shifted.. turning around to face him... he wrapped his arms around me pulling my body into his. Our hands wandered... my hands reached around running my fingers over the fabric that covered his ass.

His mouth parted from mine... and back to my neck causing my head to fall to the side allowing him access. In my daze... he had unzipped my dress.... and then pulled it down off my shoulders. It fell to the ground, a puddle at my feet leaving me only in my bra in front of him. I took the opportunity to pull his shirt out of his pants then started unbuttoning it.... wanting him in the same state of undress as me.

Once all the buttons had cleared the holes.... I ran my hands up his chest... our mouths busy with each other. I reached his shoulders then pushed the fabric off him... adding to the pile at our feet. Quickly my fingers went to work on his belt... unbuckling it.. then to his pants. Before long... we were both completely naked.

Ben pushed me to the floor... and I wasted no time taking his cock into my mouth. He sighed with pleasure finally feeling the wetness of my orifice. I went slow at first.... on my knees... while he looked out over the city, knowing that at any minute someone from the neighboring apartments could see in. What a show that would have seen.

My pace picked up.. his hand on my head.... his hips meeting my movements. He was becoming rougher... taking charge in only the way he can do to me. He pulled away... turning me then pushing my face down, leaving my ass in the air. Ben straddled me and slid in with such force it took all I could for my face not to rub against the carpet.

He slammed into me over and over.... I still struggled to keep my head away from the carpet... it certainly was a challenge. It was a balancing act between pleasure and pain... so much so... I wasn't sure how I felt about it... but I went with it anyway.

Finally he decided I had enough.... and got off me... pulling me onto the bed. I laid on my side giving him entrance to any hole of his choosing. My leg hooked his waist pulling him to me... till I felt the head of his cock press against my ass. He pressed gently... I gasped... then asked for lube (that I had conveniently packed for such an occasion... always be prepared for anything on vacation I say).

He reached over to the end of the bed where our black backpack was laying.... I guided him to the right pouch. He pulled it out... drizzled some on us both... then guided his cock into my ass. As always he met some resistance but slowly kept to his task of stretching. When he finally was in to the hilt... he gradually moved in and out... getting the muscles to relax and accept the intrusion.

Once I was just as much into it... over the initial pain.... he quickened his motion. My hand was on his chest... moaning with pleasure..... the other on my clit. Time faded away... I don't know how long we were at it before I begged him to cum. I needed to feel him fill me... to fill my ass...

My fingers moved up to his nipple... tweaking it... knowing that would push him over the edge. His movements started to become ragged... I knew he was close. I knew all I had to do.... just a few words...

"Cum in my ass please".

His eyes snapped shut.... a few more thrusts... and then his body shook... and he grunted with each spurt inside of me. A couple more thrusts left him completely spent... he pulled out... then laid down next to me. I curled up into his arms. It was just after midnight by then... our anniversary.

"Happy Anniversary baby... I love you", I said... laying my head on his chest and sighing.

The perfect date indeed.


what a wonderful night! I have gotten rug burn on my face from the very same delicious reason. *wink*



That doesn't surprise me one bit (in a good way of course!)