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Just when I think we have had the best possible sex we'll ever have, we manage to surpass it in some way. I love that we always make sure to try something new... or a different way to keep it fresh. I could never imagine our sex life growing old... I feel very sorry for the people that experience that.

Saturday night we were watching something.. I cant remember what. I do recall that I wasn't too terribly interested. My mind was wandering to all the things I would rather be doing- my God I was horny. So in effort to get Ben's attention I got up and went into our bedroom, which is right next to the living room.

I was in there a good five minutes before he called out to me, asking what I was doing. I replied, nothing. But, in fact, I was digging out my black corset with the matching thong. Now if you've ever had one of these on, you know that getting into one is never a quick process. I was half way through getting it laced and hooked when he had asked what I was doing.

Of course, Ben never gives up when he asks a question and so he further interrogated me. Oh- it just came to me... we were watching Gods of War or something like that- it had Nicolas Cage in it. It wasn't a bad movie per say, but was not that great in the same sense. But I'm getting off track here.

I was really surprised that he didn't just get up and come in there. He had paused the movie at some point and got in the laptop. After I finally finished getting the corset on... I laid across the bed on my stomach... ass bare for him to see when he would figure out I wasn't coming back. I knew it wouldn't take long.

Sure enough after a few more minutes he came to investigate my absence. He said nothing but by what I heard I knew he was stripping. I spread my knees a bit knowing he was watching... with an evil grin on my face.. knowing I was going to get just what I wanted.

I felt his knee between my legs and then his body lower down on top of me. His hard cock seemed to find its place snuggled surrounded my ass cheeks. I let out a little sigh as his lips traced my neck down to between my shoulder blades. I was instantly wet.

He always knows just where to touch or kiss me to get the maximum reaction. For me, my back is "my spot". All he has to do is brush his hand across my bare skin and I'm automatically turned on.

His teeth sunk into my shoulder and I let out a loud moan.

"Is this what you want?", he hissed. I let out a zealous yes which was responded with his fist wrapped around my hair. He climbed off me pulling my body behind him to the edge of the bed. His beautiful cock stood at full attention in front of me.. I wanted that cock in my mouth... to taste it.... to suck it.

With a tight grip on my hair he pulled my mouth to him and I quickly wrapped my lips around his manhood taking it deep all the way to the base. He praised what good girl I was being and to suck his cock good. I followed his direction and began sucking slowly... feeling every inch moving in and out. He met my sucking with pumping his hips to the motion.

Gradually he quickened the pace and was at his mercy... letting him set the speed he wanted. All I cared about was his pleasure and I would not fail. I was loving the feel of his hard flesh against my lips and tongue. I swirled my tongue when Id hit the base and gently massaged his balls. His noises of pleasure only fueled my fury. I was entranced by his sex.

I'm sure he realized this and smacked my ass hard to break it... still fucking my face. I let out a yelp but still kept my lips firmly planted. I felt him tug on my hair pulling me off his cock. He told me to stay there and then went around lighting candles. The only light we had up until then was coming from the living room and he wanted to see his pretty little slut.

After lighting the candles he came back and pumped in and out of my mouth a couple times... teasing me.. then left me again. I wasn't to move.. nor would I. I would dare go out of my way to see what kind of punishment I would get for disobeying him. He left from my eye site but I could still hear what he was doing. I heard the noises from the nightstand where we keep all our fun stuff. The sound of plastic bag meant only one thing- rope. I felt a twinge in my pussy of excitement... I was certainly in for a fun time!

He got back on the bed next to me and grabbed my hair, pulling me to him again.

"Now here's what we're going to do. You're going to suck my cock and I'm going to spank you. Only, you are not going to flinch... you will keep sucking like nothing is going on... ok?"

I said yes, that I understood and went back to sucking him. The first hit stung bad... the sting of rope. I yelped but still tried to not stop. I whimpered.... it hurt so badly.

"No, I said not to stop" and he hit me again. I tried hard to breathe through it.... but it was so hard. "You can do it". Another hit. I was focused by then and kept sucking. He told me what a good girl I was and I had a surge of pride.

He fucked my face and kept smacking my ass with the rope. The bad part was it was only in two spots.. the same spots over and over. I knew it had to be bright red... the pain was almost unbearable. I wanted to cry it hurt so bad but I was not going to stop or complain.

Finally I felt a break... the warmth of his hand on my rosy cheeks. That was much better than the rope. He spoke again... controlled... he oozed dominance.

"Now, I'm going to fuck your face really hard, are you ready?". I let out a muffled yes as I felt his hands wrap around the back of my head. He drilled my face till I choked. I gasped for air. He was kind and let me catch a quick breath... he did not rush me... but I took him back into my lips before I was breathing normally.

I was so wet by then... I wanted him inside of my pussy so bad... but in the same thought, I still wanted to be face fucked. Again he wanted me refocused on his thoughts, not mine... and dark words slipped from his lips.

"I'm going to whip your pussy now... are you ready?". I tensed up... afraid of the pain I knew was coming my way... I wanted to say no, but I instead yes poured out. It seemed like ages... though I'm sure it was only a few seconds before the rope slapped against my soft flesh. I yelped out again... it stung far worse than anything he could do to my ass. He held my head gently.. keeping me from pulling back but being loving in the same sense.

"Keep sucking, you can do it", he said quietly.

Again the rope hit my pussy lips... and I whimpered but did not stop sucking. I refused to disappoint him... I could handle anything he dished out at me. Then once more the rope made contact. I kept breathing... it was all I could do to manage the raw pain I felt.

"What a good girl you're being... do you think you deserve to be rewarded?". I responded yes.

"Yes?" he said sounding condescending. I answered yes again. He pulled his cock away from me and slipped off the bed.. telling me to stay there again. He pulled out more rope and went to the end of the bed. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me halfway off putting my feet on the ground. My legs were somewhat spread and he barked for me to spread them more. I did as I was told and had my head pushed into the bed.

The rope went around each ankle and then tied to the bed frame... I was his and I was going no where. He was going to fuck me as he pleased, or not for that matter. The next thing I knew... the tip of his cock rubbed against my clit and I lost it... and squirted all over him. He knew I was his completely... and slide inside of me slowly but deep. I cooed. I was delirious with pleasure while he slowly fucked me... hand on my head... keeping me from moving.

"Like that?", he asked... the grin on his face was evident even through is voice. I screamed out yes. I felt so full... so turned on... I have no idea we stayed this way.... though I do remember the void I felt as he slipped out of my pussy. I wanted to beg him to not stop... but I didnt.

Back on the bed, I hungrily took his member into my mouth again.

"Like the way your pussy tastes on my cock?", he asked taking my hair back into his fist.

"Mmmhmm" was all I could manage. He told me he was going to face fuck me hard again and I responded to him. His hips hit my face with such power.... it was overwhelming... and I held on as long as I could till I choked again. I gasped for air then went back down again. I felt the rope hit my pussy again. He was so cool and collected and I just felt like I was so out of a control. I refocused on what I was doing... and again the rope on my pussy lips.... and again.. and again. I could feel tears coming on... and despite this... I loved what he was doing. I didnt want him to stop.

When the rope came back against my skin, it was on my ass. I was thankful for this... one more hit on my pussy would have pushed the tears over the breaking point. One more hit on my ass and he yanked me off his cock. He again asked if I thought I should be rewarded for being so good... I answered yes.

Ben came up behind me and in one motion slide his cock into my cunt. I sighed with passion.... he went to work on my pussy.. fucking it in a steady motion. He reached around and started to rub my clit... I knew I wouldn't last long with that... and I was right. A powerful orgasm ripped through my body.. it rocked me to my very core but he wasn't going to let up. He didn't give me time to compose myself... he was relentless.

The rope came around my neck and he pulled me to him with it.... another orgasm came... I gasped as well as I could.... just enough air was still coming through to let me still breathe. I felt lightheaded... between cumming and the air being cut off I was dizzy with pleasure. I touched his hand letting him know to let up.

This didnt make him stop fucking me though.... he was only letting up so I could catch my breath. After a few minutes he asked if I was ready again... I said yes... and felt the rope around my neck again. I could tell he was close.... I wanted him to cum so very badly.

He pumped quickly... in and out... using the rope around my neck as leverage... and finally he went over the edge.... it was amazing. After he was done he slide out of me slowly and I collapsed onto the bed. He untied me and we crawled onto the bed, curling into each other's arms.

"I love you, baby", I said.

"I love you, too.", Ben replied.

Our sex is wonderful... but the part after is equally wonderful.. that we can go from that to such a tender moment is special to me. He makes me feel safe and loved... so very complete.

Im really glad we live in a house... cause our neighbors would have hated us from all my screaming.. the might have thought he was killing me :-) Oh and the next couple days I had lovely marks on my neck... its funny how they make me smile when I look at them. Today was the first day that I couldn't see them. How odd life really is.